We the pure vision adventure team would like to organize a Healing and dharma trip to sacred sites of Nepal, Bhutan Tibet and India. The main purpose of this tour is to experience and understand spiritual culture by exploring powerful sacred sites of Himalayan region along with expert group leader, who is very knowledgeable in Eastern culture and Tibetan medicine art and spiritual practitioner. The individuals who are familiar and interested in Eastern spiritual culture and who has a basic understanding of eastern thoughts are more encouraged to apply to register. Tour would include healthcare awareness from perspective of Tibetan medicine arts and its inner working and healing. The goal of our tour is to make you aware of spiritual culture, its original historical establishment and background story of each and every sacred sites which has became a source of inspiration and subject to devotion to millions of people for hundreds of century. It will be experiential exploration of essence of spirituality and authenticity of Himalayan people. It also give one an opportunity to experience practical observation of culture, its identity and its way of life through individual’s own eye with further detail explanation given by spiritual and cultural expert to make you understand and make your experience more exciting and meaningful. Thus, each individual clients will be interacting with local people culturally and their way of life to understand more about people and by visiting this historical sacred sites will simply purifying our negative energy and connecting with positive vibes by power of blessing from sacred sites which had been used by spiritual seeker to meditate and realize essence of spirituality for benefit of all being. Those who are interested in applying for this spring 2016 are requested to contact following email address info@purevisionadventure.com.Thank you and we will make your journey experientially meaningful and exciting with touch of power of healing and spirituality.