Cultural and Historical Tour in Nepal

Nepal is a land of natural beauty, cultural heritage, rich history and a perfect place for photographic scenery. The day to day culture, ethnicity, monuments, attractive art with eye catching architecture and diverse caste with their unique festivals are all the things that make Nepal as a unique country and suitable for culture and historical sightseeing tours. The capital city of Kathmandu upon arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport is the initial spot for all the visitors.

Bhaktapur, Patan and Kathmandu are the most beautiful cities which are perfect for the visitors. If you turn the history you will know that till 1768 AD they were considered as a separate kingdom. At present they are able to keep hold on their own art and artistic creation by preserving their tradition. This is a pure land where you can refresh your body, mind and soul. It is not possible to trek in each and every part of the country especially in the highest mountain and for that we can use the facilities of mountain flight for Mount Everest along with other summits. If you are the lucky one who visits in clear weather you are enchanted with magnificent Himalayan range. For those people who are planning for not as much of adventurous trips then, Pokhara, which is known as the lake city of Nepal, can provide lots of opportunities like fishing, boating, swimming along with grand panoramic outlook of the mountains in the background. Otherwise you can even visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha at Lumbini, which is known as a sacred pilgrimage where millions of people from different corners of the world visit.

In addition, other interesting sites like Namo Buddha is also there to be explored, which has the most amazing myth related to the Buddha and the place is even used as a good place for meditation. Likewise, in Budanilkantha you get to see an incredible huge statue of Lord Vishnu where he lies down on snakes making it as a bed, the goddess name Dakchin Kali, who is famous for “tantricbidha” and the last but not least Chovar gorge is very attention-grabbing place for sight-seeing in the region of Kathmandu Valley. So, we can say that sight-seeing in Nepal is an ultimate way to get familiar with Nepal’s culture, historical background and religious belief.

Nepal can prove as a very unique destination for research purpose and to the travelers for exploring new place. It has range and has diversity for sightseeing purpose, full with cultural tours and prospect for a great adventure. This pleasant diversity is the outcome of fluctuating ecosystem which supports different type of vegetation, varieties of wildlife species and their habitats. In the whole world, Nepal comes in the list of the best countries designed for cultural and historical sightseeing tour through its lengthy history, mesmerizing art and unique architecture. Thus, Nepal is accepted as a destination for trekking, hiking, wildlife safari, rafting and many different adventure actions because of its high Himalayas and wonderful biodiversity.

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